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I came to Aruba last year during the summer to spent time with my family and to do my first intern. After a year not seeing my family it was a well deserved vacation. As you might know Aruba is a one happy island with sunny weather all year around. It's a tourist destination to come and relax and enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches. As for me I was born and raised here in Aruba in a town called San Nicolas. What is well known here in San Nicolas by the tourists is the Charlie's bar and baby beach. San Nicolas is also known for one more thing, but I'm not going to divulge that information :). That u have to find out for yourself :). Most of the activities are down town in Oranjestad and Palm beach, the hotel area. There u have a number of shopping places, restaurants, clubs etc.

After the vacation I stayed do to my first intern in Aruba. Before I went to Holland I did my highschool here in Aruba (MAVO and HAVO) then went to Holland to get my bachelor degree in Environmental Science. My intention was always to get my degree in Holland and come back. When I went to Holland to study I was a bit scared and apprehensive at first. It was my first time alone in a big country with no family, but as time passes I actually enjoyed it. I must say, I have grown a lot in the past few years, made new friends in Holland and felt what it is to live a life on my own. My intention to intern here on the Island was to get to know the work environment and prepare myself for the future. I first began my internship at an environmental department by the government called the Inspection Public Health and Environment. There I had worked on a project for five months.

My project was to evaluate the water quality of the seawater, collected rainwater and the purified domestic wastewater. I had evaluated all these water bodies conform the international regulation and standards, because the Island has yet to implement a water quality regulation and standards. Based on my research I found out that the purified domestic wastewater was the only water body that did not comply with the standards (the LBS Protocol). The LBS Protocol is the Land-Based Sources and Activities to the Cartagena Convention and was adopted in Oranjestad, Aruba, on 6 October 1999. 16 Contracting Parties had signed the Final Act of the LBS Protocol and entered into force on August 13, 2010. The LBS Protocol is perhaps the most significant agreement of its kind with the inclusion of regional effluent limitations for domestic wastewater and requires specific plans to address agricultural non-point sources. Despite the non-compliant with the domestic wastewater, the seawater did comply with the water quality from the Blue Flag criteria and the collected rainwater also complied with the World Health Organization standards for agriculture use. So I can safely say that the seawater of Aruba is of high quality.

The Inspection Public Health and Environment was my first internship. Now I am busy with my final year project at the W.E.B. Aruba N.V. The only water and power company on the Island. For almost 80 years now the company is responsible for the production of Aruba’s drinking water and power. Here at W.E.B. there is a pleasant work environment similar with my first intern at the inspection department. My colleagues here are always willing to help me with my research and with any question that I have. My research has a dual purpose, to evaluate the possible impacts of all chemical discharge on the marine environment and to research possible treatments and neutralization systems for the highly polluted effluent after cleaning the rotating air preheater.

Now u have an idea of what I did the last months here in Aruba. Beside my internship I'm loving every moment here. Carnival is also over. I had a blast at the carnival parades and now I'm looking forward to camping period on the beach. For pictures of Aruba and the carnival parades see my gallery.

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